First Jam Session

We got the alpha site live last night. What do you think? We're pretty excited to see our idea become a reality - even with limited functionality.

OK, so we spent the first our of our 8 hour jam session figuring out how to get on the wifi at me house. And most of that time on the phoe with some nice lady from AT&T. Oh, that was the automated system talking to us.

Then Kam coded like mad, while I wrote copy and made food and Ben helped everywhere. In the middle of fielding a number of unrelated calls, Ben was was still able to whip up our very own Web 2.0 looking logo in not time flat. Fades, rounded edges and mirrors come together so nice. And don't forget Kam and Ben spend time arguing the usefulness of acutally reading hte Google Map API vs. just cutting and pasting the example code.

After coffee #2 and while considering coffee #3 Kam and Ben came up with the following song parody. Probably needs a little work.

Potholes and light fixtures that don't work
Storm drains that are clogged and cause flooding
Cracks in the sidewalk that eat old ladies
These are a few of my least favorite things

When the kids tag
When the rain floods
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad