He's The Programmer I'm The Designer A.K.A Ben's first post.

Kam has changed my sleeping and working patterns slightly this week...

On Sunday Night we(mostly Kam) added editing capabilities to the info windows.
You'll notice that if you click on the + in the upper right of a marker's window you can now edit a ticket. We'd love to change that "+" to "edit" but we don't have the capabilities yet or rather we haven't found the time to search the google maps css for that image. The session ended around 2:00 after 1/2 hour of looking for my car keys to drive Kam home.

On Monday over the course of Ravens V. Patriots we(mostly Kam) solved the bug that was I.E.
It turns out that there are caching issues with Explorer. He can tell you more about the solution, but new markers automatically appear on the map now in Explorer upon creation without refresh. I Designed some more web 2.0 headers to accommodate a future list of "recently clicked" and "recently fixed". Then in true alpha style I added the images to the home page without any corresponding database queries to show results. I was hoping we would get to that on Monday too, but I also didn't think the Ravens were going to really play football.
Session ends at 1:00 without hunting for keys.

It is Tuesday at 12:15, now seeclickfix time, and I(no Kam) have just spent an hour attempting to add "recently clicked" and "recently fixed" info to the home page.
I failed...He's The Programmer. I'm the Designer.