Preview Launch

Here's an email we just sent out to some of our friends and the folks at MySociety. Let the Seeing, Clicking and Fixing begin. Hat's off to Kam and Ben for all the work in getting to this point.

Welcome to the future of democracy. No this isn't an ad for a Presidential candidate. Rather, this email is to invite you to a preview of our new project.

SeeClickFix encourages residents to become citizens by participating in taking care of and improving their neighborhoods. We allow anyone to:

  • See - see a non-emergency issue in your neighborhood
  • Click - open a ticket describing the issue and what can be done to resolve it
  • Fix - publicly report the issue to everyone for resolution

Please check out the website, open a ticket and give us your feedback on this early version. We know there are probably a million things we can do to improve it. You're getting a first look at our preview site so let us know what you think.

Then tell all your friends.


Ben, Kam & Miles