New Haven 311

Ben, Kam and I happen to live in New Haven and have a certain interest in our town for that reason. We were excited to hear that New Haven has launched a "web311" system.

From New Haven's website: "Effective Immediately New Haven residents can submit concerns, questions and requests directly to the appropriate department through our interactive Web 311 system. Follow the link to the Web 311 page where you can select from pre-populated options or submit your own original question, work request or concern. All residents who provide an email address will receive an immediate response with a tracking number to follow the progress of your request. A new innovation for a new year, make sure to utilize Web 311 for all your municipal (non-Police emergency) needs."

We were working on SeeClickFix before the New Haven site was announced so we're not doing this in response. In fact, it's great that New Haven is on the forefront here. Ben told me about using the system himself and said he was pleasantly surprised at the level of functionality. Kudos to who ever whoever put this together!

In the research I've done the vast majority of municipal website don't have any functionality like this. The overwhelming majority of people out there have no easy web-based service for drawing attention to local issues. At SeeClickFix, we're excited about changing the relationship between citizens, their governments and their neighboorhoods. We want to reach everyone in the US and ultimately beyond that. We're looking for massive scale. Come join us.