We have Alpha launch. Let the Beta begin.

On Friday 1.11.07 we felt confident enough in seeclickfix to don it an alpha title and email our nearest and dearest to give it a whirl.
The core features to seeclickfix alpha are
1)The ability to search the map and create a ticket.
2)The ability to search the map and view an existing ticket.
3)The ability to add a comment to an existing ticket or close an open ticket.
4) The map zooms to your approximate physical location on load.

We are looking for all the feedback we can get, so please play with the site and let us know what you would like to see in Beta.

On Sunday 1.13.07 we discussed some of the feedback we received and the typically positive nature of the feedback led us to the decision that we should move towards beta.
What does seeclickfix Beta mean to us? For the most part it means that we will be putting Kam's coding ability to the test with lots of nifty new features.
What are these nifty new features? In alpha we feel that we adequately addressed the "seeing" and the "clicking", but the "fixing" has lots of room for growth.
What is "Fixing"? To us it is features such as:
1.Email notification to those concerned about a ticket(a ticket creator, editor or anyone who wants to sign-up).
2.Detailed reports that make it easy for an individual to view tickets that they are interested in.

On day 1 "Post Alpha" beyond the talk of what's to come we created a test environment to run our nifty new features and then we created one: email on creation of a ticket.

What's next?
We'll let you know.