Terminology for SeeClickers

Here at SeeClickFix world headquarters (Miles' condo), we've been working on terminology and a new site design. Wanted to update you on it and get your feedback.
  • ClickIt - an issue or ticket that is opened by a user using the SeeClickFix website. Each flag on the map is a ClickIt (sounds like "ticket").
  • SeeClicker - a website user or person who recognizes ("sees") a local issue and reports it ("clicks"). More generally anyone who uses the website.
  • SeeFixer - someone who resolves ("fixes") an issue. Usually, a SeeFixer is someone with works for the local government or other authority. Personally, I can't wait until SeeClickers become SeeFixers by banding together to make their community a better neighborhood by getting hands-on. When a ClickIt is SeeFixed, it changes color on the map so everyone knows it is no longer an issue.
  • SideClick - someone who takes responsibility for a local area (neighborhood or town). SideClicks spread the word to help recruit SeeClickers and SeeFixers. (more to come on this later)
What do you think?