More Features

Exciting new features at SeeClickFix. I think you'll find them quite useful.
  • SeeFix. If you work for the local government or want to take responsibility for your neighboorhod, get notified anytime a ClickIt is opened or updated in your area. It's simple, just visit the SeeFix section of the website. Then you find your local area and draw a line around the area you want to watch. Once you save and give us your email, we'll let you know whenever a new ClickIt is opened or updated. You can use that information to monitor the performance of those officially responsible for addressing the issue or you can choose to fix it yourself. You could even check out the area and add your own comments on the issue. Do you agree? Has it already been resolved? You can help keep the database up-to-date.
  • Search. We've made it easier to find the ClickIts you're looking for. Now on the SeeClick page you can search by keyword, radius and/or status. More features to come based on your feedback.

As always, if you're interested in becoming a SideClick, please contact us.