We think Gale Brewer is the best.

In our regular seeclickfix Sunday Jam Session, otherwise known as developers gone wild, we hit a standstill when we realized that we could not access our source code.
When seeclickfix developers are "not going wild" we enjoy updating (spamming) people about our latest and greatest developments and occasionally, though it's most painful for me, reading.
About 5 minutes ago in one of these reading endeavors I came across what seems to be the best justification for widespread seeclickfixing written by New York City Councilwoman Gale Brewer. http://www.gothamgazette.com/article/issueoftheweek/20040710/200/1033

In the article Councilwoman Brewer applauds the NYC 311 system and Mayor Bloomberg's use of the reporting data to warrant a noise ordinance. She also points out the shortcomings of this 311 system:
1. The complaints are sent to a centralized complaint area where no one else has access to them.
2. Non-Authorized individuals can not receive reports on non-emergency issues.
3. The data that is used is not localized enough to identify specific problem areas beyond, say "Lower Manhattan."

Gale, if you've come across this post, we believe seeclickfix is the solution to your problem.
SeeClickFix allows anyone to watch the smallest of areas and receive reports. It also allows multiple people to comment on an issue.

When we first started working on seeclickfix 3 months ago we did not think much beyond the local public works department in terms of who would be a "fixer." As use has started to grow in New Haven, CT, where we have first implemented concentrated marketing, all types of fixers are coming to the table.

A city/town is a complicated organism that requires Alderman/Councilman, Merchant's Associations, Public Works departments, Neighborhood watches, not-for profits, for profits, utility companies and just your average concerned citizen to remain healthy.
Enabling all of these parts to listen to the same system allows for a healthier system.

Hopefully New York does open up their 311 system for all, but if they don't, you can always seeclickfix.
Gale, we'd love to talk, ben@seeclickfix.com