The Word is Getting Out

This week we got some great press. A local New Haven news letter picked up our work here at SeeClickFix and decided to reach out to their readers. Its great to see community organizations see how much value we can provide and begin championing our system.

This is just one example of our belief that the resources and networks already exist in our communities its just a matter of breaking down the barriers to communication and engagement. Someone wants to fix that street light or remove that graffiti but they can't if they don't know where to go. Now, those who are effected can reach out to those who will fix.

Ok now all pumped up. Below is the article. I look forward to seeing your tickets. Keep'em coming.

A Quicker Fixer Upper

Ever wondered who's responsible for fixing potholes, replacing blown out street lights and cleaning graffiti? Well,there's a huge network of organizations (including the Town Green District) working together to take care of all sorts of issues throughout the city, but now there's a way you can help them (and us) do the job more efficiently.

It's as simple as SeeClickFix!

Elm City locals Jeff Blasius, Ben Berkowitz, Kam Lasater and Miles Lasater launched as way to use the power of the internet to keep New Haven clean, vibrant and beautiful. With SeeClickFix, concerned citizens, merchants— associations, Aldermen or utility companies are alerted to concerns or requests for service. The website's map based interface makes it easy for anyone to pinpoint a location and identify an issue. Here's how it works:

See: See a non-emergency issue in your neighborhood.

Click: Go to, click on the map, open a ticket and describe the issue. Each ticket generates an email to a "Fixer," someone involved with solving issues in that area. All tickets regarding graffiti in Downtown are addressed by the Town Green District's Clean Team.

Fix: Click save on your ticket and the issue is reported for a more timely resolution.

Sounds easy, doesn't it? Want to be an even bigger help? Sign up to be a SideClick and you can help spread the word, work with Fixers, and provide feedback.

SeeClickFix: Open your eyes, raise your voice, click your ticket!