Local Press on SeeClickFix

If you live in New Haven (like me), you may have seen the local press article on SeeClickFix. It was exciting to see continued recognition of our efforts (thanks for all the help!). It was a positive article and captured a lot of the functionality of the website. I hope it will attract moreSeeClick'ers.

I want to underline a couple of points from the article:
  • SeeClickFix is meant to provide everyone with tools to collaborate and improve things together - not to create an adversarial relationship.
  • We are piloting in New Haven, CT and Buffalo, NY. We do have users in other towns and will continue to spread the word. Ultimately, our vision is to reach out nationally and beyond.
  • In any given town there are so many people responsible for fixing things that it is hard for the average citizen to keep track. Is the city or the state responsible for this street? Does the electric company or the city handle this street light? Who fixes this drain? SeeClickFix helps you sort through this mess by sorting tickets to the right place.
And as the Mayor of New Haven says "SeeClickFix is the result of people taking ownership of what goes on around them. That's a good thing...we don't have to own it or to duplicate it, we just need to pay attention to it."

What did you think of the article?