SeeClickFix Valuable to Multiple Groups

Earlier tonight, Kam and I were talking with Ben about how many different groups can benefit from SeeClickFix. It's one thing to know this intellectually. It's another thing to see this in action over the past few days. For example we've recently had discussions with:
  • Citizens - like Abby in Pittsburgh who will be spreading the word to her friends and Murat in San Francisco who will post a note about SeeClickFix to a bunch of listservs. Citizens are remarking on the feeling of power to change their neighborhood and to be involved.
  • City Governments - like the New Haven department head who raves about how the reports from SeeClickFix help him do his job better and wants more features.
  • State Government - like the Connecticut State economic development official who sees the power to have an impact on a state-wide level.
  • Non-Profits - like the multi-chapter group Keep America Beautiful who is going to be sharing the new tool with their teams.
  • Special Services/Business Improvement Districts - like the business improvement district in Mobile, AL or Greensboro, NC who just set-up SeeFix watch areas.
  • Utilities - like the northeast electric company CEO and VP of Customer Service who are exploring how they can use the power of SeeClickFix.
  • School Districts - like the school board official in Texas who wants to embed SeeClickFix inside their parent web portal to keep on top of maintenance issues around schools.
So, we're now up to nearly 50 cities with SeeFix watch areas set-up (we did ~30 of them) and over 10 cities with open issues. I think that will be continuing to grow given all the conversations we've been having. Where do we go next?