Downtown Bozeman Partnership recognized with First Fixie Award

The Downtown Bozeman Association in Bozeman Montana received the fixie award for Most Engaged Community by receiving the most issues clicked in one watch area this week.
The Downtown Bozeman Partnership is a great example of how other organizations aside from government agencies can be agents for fixing in their communities.
Chris Naumann, Executive Director of the Bozeman Partenership says, "I initiated a graffiti removal program in Bozeman's historic downtown in April of 2008. I inventoried the tags 'by hand' and began systematic removal with the help of our employed maintenance staff.
I also serve as a member of the City of Bozeman Graffiti Task Force. We are devising a city-wide system for locating, identifying, and removing graffiti.
One of the aspects we have been struggling is how to have 'eyes' throughout our 35,000 person town and how to gather the necessary information to proceed with clean-up.
The SeeClickFix website solves both of these problems and presents our efforts with more technology than we could have ever developed ourselves.

To Learn More about the Downtown Bozeman Partnership:

Now Chris just has to clean up all those issues that were reported in his area and Bozeman could be awarded with this weeks acknowledgment for Most Responsive Fixer.
That competition starts tomorrow, so start fixing.