See Click Fix gets things fixed!

This from SideClick Mark:
The dangerous potholes in front of Romeo's appear to have been patched.

A number of similar problems that I have reported on seeclickfix
( over the past few months have also been very
quickly addressed by the city.

Check out the past two or three posts on the SeeClickFix blog for
other reviews of how this has worked recently:

Now, if only some of those faded crosswalks would get restriped!

Anyhow, I again would like to encourage everyone here to report
problems at this website, especially those related to road conditions
or traffic safety. When you report an issue, notices are sent out to
many people across the city. This seems much more effective than
trying to call 10 or 20 different people, which previously seemed to
be the only good approach for getting things done.

If you see something and report it, you are potentially saving one of
your neighbors from a nasty fall or a broken ankle (speaking as
someone who has stepped or ridden into "invisible" potholes at night).
Also, if you are concerned about a particular issue, keep in mind
that you can search "clickets" by keyword.

So please speak up! And pass this along to your contacts in each neighborhood.