New Free Features

In addition to the Professional Features, we have rolled out a bunch of new free features over the past weeks. We hope you like them - please share your thoughts.
  • Public Watch Areas. When a watch area is created under SeeFixer, you can choose to keep it private or make it public. The title and the description along with the geographical info is available to for all to see. Plus it lists the keywords to used to match issues to watch areas. An email alert will only be generated if the keywords match something in the text of the description or title of the issue. Check it out.
  • Edit Watch Areas. If you are the person who created a watch area, you can now edit more features of it. Included is the ability to update the geographically boundaries. Let's say that you realized you wanted to include more area. Now you can click and drag a corner or an edge. The original confirmation email you receive when you set-up a watch area includes a link to edit.
  • Listing of Matched Public Watch Areas. When you look at the details of an issue by clicking "Link to Issue", you can see a listing of matched public watch areas. Here is an example. So, now you know who got an email alert about your issue.
  • Minus on Keywords. Each watch area can have keywords that are required to match before an email alert is sent. Now you can include words (or partial words) that should cause an issue not to be sent. The minus will override in a case of a conflict.
  • Images. Once you create an issue, you can add a photo, too. Here's an example of an issue with a photo. Just click on View Image.
And other fixes and smaller enhancements based on your feedback.