Some more press in San Francisco

While on my honeymoon with my lovely new wife, Meera Berkowitz, I had the opportunity to chat with ABC 7 reporter, Carolyn Tyler, about SeeClickFix. Mayor Gavin Newsom happened to be outside city hall at the same time and got a chance to speak about web non-emergency reporting systems also. You can see that video here:
and also in the SF examiner here

A few notes: There was a little confusion in these articles with regards to receiving of issues by San Francisco government. After hearing this, we researched it further. The email address that was originally entered by a SeeClickFix user for the 311 watch area was incorrect. So, the system was automatically sending email to the wrong city email address. To correct, we've pointed the watch area to a San Francisco Department of Public Works email address for now.

As SeeClickFix is a tool for communities to use to build lines of communication, we can not guarantee that the right people are being contacted. We believe that creating this network can be done accurately and easily by users of our site, be it local government, citizens or any other organization with fixing capabilities.

We also want to point out that we do not want to be seen as competition with a city's 311 system. We know that the mapping capabilities of SeeClickFix, the ease of use for watchers and clickers, and the empowering of others beyond city government to fix issues are assets that can work as an adjunct to a preexisting 311 system, as a replacement or as an entirely new system. As long as someone can report an issue somewhere, be it SeeClickFix or 311, with ease and the issue lands at the right place then...mission accomplished.