Get Results…

This is an email to seeclickfix from a happy clicker,
"I posted a comment a few weeks about about flooding on Rte. 122/Forest Rd. in New Haven. I have been making calls and complaints about this problem for the 9 years I've lived at this address, and only made marginal headway. In two weeks, I have seen two direct positive results after posting on SeeClickFix:

1. in the last big storm, state or city DOT put up signs and flags put up to alert motorists about the water over the road and slow them down (my husband and I finally took the signs down days later, since no one came to do so--but that's all right).

2. as I write this, there's a crew out there clearing the three storm drains in the area that floods. Hurray! (Quote from one of the crew: "Man, this thing is pretty plugged up!")

Adding the state DOT to the fixers list was a blessing--they respond!