SeeClickFix is looking for partners

If you are a news organization or a local or national community improvement organization and are interested in expanding your toolkit, we think SeeClickFix could be that tool.
We are looking for partners in every community across the U.S. to help implement SeeClickFix by raising awareness and creating watch areas for local officials.
Making SeeClickFix work in your neighborhood is easy but it takes those first few clickers and fixers to get things started.
Over the past few months we've seen issues get fixed that were previously thought to be hopeless and we've seen people report issues that they would have previously thought a waste of energy. The SeeClickFix tool is proving to be a powerful community resource, but it takes a few early adapters in each community to get it started.
Please contact if you feel you need more resources to light the fire. If you're a news agency, check out how the uses SeeClickFix(we're on the right.)