SeeClickFix founders should stop being so nosey.

In New Haven, the Yale shuttle bus has been a hot topic for the last week on SeeClickFix.

On three different streets in three different neighborhoods there have been multiple complaints on the same issue.

We at SeeClickFix believe that issues where there is not a fix should not remain open on the map. On the most recent Yale Shuttle complaint a clicker complains on nearly being hit by a bus,
"Yale Transit Bus Driver cutting corner on College and Elm. Narrowly killing a biker."
Not seeing a fix I commented that the issue would be closed.
Immediately the initial clicker responded with the date, time and location of the incident.
Shortly after came an anonymous clicker with lots of info as to how to report and close this issue:
"Please send as much info as possible on this incident to Donald, who runs the Yale transit system: Based on exact time of day, driver description and other info, he should be able to track down the details and investigate. Yale uses a GPS system on its fleet.

I would close this ticket only after this incident has been reported to him.

Good point Anonymous. I'm glad to see that Yale has a fix in place. I'll be sure to butt out next time. 🙂