SeeClickFix in San Francisco

On September 7th Anna in San Francisco reported, "There are no ramps for accessible crossing on the corner of Broderick and Hayes. It makes it really hard for people that rely on wheelchairs or people pushing strollers."

A few days later Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi added the comment to the issue "Problem reported via 311. Site to be inspected and ramps may be installed."

San Francisco has an effective 311 system for reporting, but it does not yet allow for the public or Supervisors to view others' reported issues. In this case a Supervisor, who does receive alerts from the 311 system, was able to also be alerted, keep an eye on the issue and follow-up on his constituents concerns.

Today the Supervisor had a follow-up for the public, "Site inspected by DPW Bureau of Street Use & Mapping, request for ramp installation has been placed with DPW Disability Access"

Looks like a fix is on the way.