Tourist Parking

During the heavy tourist season in San Francisco a clicker reported illegal parking casuing congestion on Historic Lombard Street.
A number of clickers clicked that they wanted this fixed too and one commenter suggested that they make the "no parking" signs list a $300 fine for violations.

An enforcement supervisor closed the issue today after witnessing the problem and enforcing the parking with this comment:

"Thank you for bringing your concern regarding the illegal parking at 1001 Lombard Street to my attention. I am an Enforcement Supervisor with the Enforcement Division of the Municipal Transportation Agency (formerly DPT). My squad (the "587/588 Detail") responds to complaints that come in from citizens such as yourself. After receiving your e-mail, I had one of my officers respond to this location on a daily basis to enforce illegal parking. He was able to see first hand the problem you witnessed. He made it a point of getting all vehicles parked illegally to move so as to not create further congestion. Unfortunately, a situation like this really requires 24/7 monitoring and we just do not have the personnel available for that. I am aware that as soon as my officer has left the area, the problem would re-occur. My officer is still making daily visits to this area but the problem has diminished due to the end of the tourist season."

If this doesn't work next season maybe they'll have to modify the no-parking signs.
Fixed for now with an alternative solution if this one fails.