SeeClickFix Featured in Dowtown Idea Exchange monthly .

In the November 1 '08 Issue of Downtown Idea Exchange SeeClickFix was featured as a tool to, "Facilitate productive community involvement."
From the article: "In Olympia, at least two neighborhood associations are using the free SeeClickFix service for community residents to report vandalism. A police Department liaison in city government informed the city's neighborhood groups about the website.
"The City of Olympia has a vandalism program that they work on with the neighborhood associations. The Northeast Neighborhood Association has been using SeeClickFix, and we're following their model. We're inviting neighborhood members to mark what they're seeing, and then we'll take care of it, either through working with the city or volunteers, to go out and fix those issues,'" Says Luke Bowerman, president, Eastside Neighborhood Association.
For Downtown and close-in neighborhoods, "It seems like a great way to get a community involvement, and make it easier for people to tell the powers that be about problems, so they have a way to feel involved and hopefully get stuff resolved," he says.
"All issues reported on SeeClickFix are viewable to the world and can be commented on by anyone. Additionally you can encourage your neighbors and friends to click on the ticket you reported and click, 'I want this fixed, too' to help reinforce the neighborhood's interest in having the problem addressed," The Northeast Neighborhood Association tells its members in an instructional handout for its "Graffiti Busters Campaign."

-Downtown Idea Exchange November 2008