A good template for encouraging reporting in your community.

The North East Neighborhood Association in Olympia Washington sent out this message to its community. We think it nails all the points and is a good template for encouraging your community to start clicking.

"Northeast Neighborhood Association
Graffiti Busters Campaign
Reporting graffiti is easy!
1. Go to http://www.seeclickfix.com
2. Click on "SeeClick – Report an Issue"
Type in the street name and zip code: For example - Miller Ave. NE 98506.
This will put you in our neighborhood.
Once you click on an area, you can drag the marker to the exact location of the tagging.
The seeclickfix program will automatically load in an address.
In your description, please include additional information about the tagging. For
example: "Graffiti on front of stop sign at corner of Miller and Central St." For street signs
please indicate if the graffiti is on the front or back of the sign.
Also, any additional details you can provide will be helpful to the police in their tracking of
repeat taggers. For example – 'ANTOX— tag on power pole on west side of Bethel Street
between Miller and Etheridge.
You can go back at any time and check the status of taggings or add comments.
3. The NE Neighborhood Association and the City of Olympia will receive
emails with your report and arrange to have the graffiti removed
You may be contacted for more information about your report if we are unsure about the
location or the type of property that was tagged.
All issues reported on seeclickfix are viewable to the world and can be commented on by
anyone. Additionally you can encourage your neighbors and friends to click on the ticket you
reported and click "I want this fixed too" to help reinforce the neighborhood's interest in
having the problem addressed."