SeeClickFix Miami

The SeeClickFix map was just embeded in

Adam Mizrahi writes on the post introducing SeeClickFix that, "
My goal is to keep an eye on Downtown Miami, Brickell, and the surrounding areas. Hopefully people from the urban areas of Miami will contribute to this growing tool. Furthermore, I hope other blogs in Miami begin using this wonderful tool. This will allow enough people to collaborate to bring credibility to the program and allow city government and institutions such as the Downtown Development Authority to join in. To me this seems like the perfect tool for the City of Miami and groups such as the DDA — Mayor Manny Diaz has always been in front of sustainable, urban, transportation, and technological issues.

This tool seems to be a perfect fit for the recently created Downtown Ambassador Program by the DDA. This programs consists of a team of 6 full-time Ambassadors who are trained to provide hospitality assistance, to be alert for crime prevention services and to report service issues to local government agencies. SeeClickFixwould be ideal in assisting to fullfill a few of the programs goals — more specifically it could assist with three of the programs five listed goals by facilitating communication between citizens and the ambassadors:

* Respond to calls concerning specific incidents (suspicious persons, tourists with special needs, graffiti, panhandling, litter)
* Report crime, code enforcement violations, solid waste and other concerns to appropriate agencies and assist in mitigating these from escalating
* Complete daily incident reports on issues attended to and follow-up with other agencies to resolve problems