SeeClickFix and Jane Jacobs

In this article in the Morningside Post Courtney Doggart writes,
"The beauty, in my mind, is that it recreates Jane Jacobs— concept of eyes on the street in a way that increases accountability on both a personal and public level. If one saw a problem before, it would be easy to either dismiss it (surely someone else has reported this) or simply not make the effort to call 311 in the despair that it is a complaint into an unresponsive void. With SeeClickFix's widely available public record of problems noted by concerned citizens, it becomes difficult to ignore the many clamoring voices. Problems can be more easily identified, and solution-focused dialogue can take place among those living in the affected areas."
This is not the first time Jane Jacobs has been referenced in conjunction with SeeClickFix. Jane Jacobs is most famously known for her 1961 book, "The Death and Life of Great American Cities" If you're interested to read more about Jane Jacobs, check it out here.