Mayoral candidate In York, PA runs with SeeClickFix on her side

Aside from embedding SeeClickFix in her campaign site here.
She has also released a statement to the press with the title
"Mayoral Candidate Opens Access to New Website
to Report and Fix Neighborhood Problems"

Ray says she had already promised map-based reporting systems such as the one used by the Lancaster Police Department,
which reports on police activities by district. "But this is an even better tool," said Ray, "because SeeClickFix is a two-way street
and more. It's not just the City reporting out to the citizens – it gives citizens a key role in making improvements happen and in
building neighborhood influence.. This tool empowers citizens to take direct action, instantaneously and easily, to alert each
other, the City, utility companies, state government, and private businesses to issues that diminish our quality of life in York. It
allows all of us to engage in problem-solving, and it allows citizens to monitor the City's performance. Finally, as icing on the
cake, it's free."
Ray says that during the several-month demonstration period, she will collect the "Click" reports and relay them to the
appropriate problem-solver. She says she hopes that the City will establish a "watch area" on the SeeClickFix site, and she will
also encourage York's newspapers to embed a MetroYork or even York County widget in their own websites. "I hope that many
residents and business people will become 'SeeClickers— and our governmental units will make sure that they are among the
'SeeFixers,—" said Ray.

Here's an image of the press release: