Philadelphia Bicycle Coalition encourages use of SeeClickFix

The Philadelphia Bike Coalition has seen drivers and cyclists getting attention from Philly 311 for reporting potholes. The SeeClickFix map is embedded here on for easy access to our site for all Philadelphia Inquirer Web Readers.

In perfect SeeClickFix mindset they are encouraging members of the coalition and their blog readers to use the attention that SeeClickFix issues garner to report on other cycling related issues.

From the article:
See Click Fix doesn't have to be just for automobile drivers. As alert and observant road users, cyclists can contribute to "See Click Fix" by identifying the details that car drivers can't/don't/won't observe - poor pavement, dangerous debris, speeding and reckless driving problem areas, etc.

If "See Click Fix" really is linked in with public works departments and other decision makers, then we can use this as a powerful tool to show cyclists as equal road users who can be useful "eyes and ears" for those who are responsible for providing safe roads for all users.

Philly's 311 response service has been issuing work orders based on Pothole Tracker complaints. Let's try to fill the Philly-area "See Click Fix" map with the issues that concern us as cyclists and see if we can create more awareness of our needs at the same time.

-Bicycle Coalition of Great Philadelphia

This is how we envision the fixing spreading on SeeClickFix and encourage you to report on anything and everything that needs a fixin in the public space no matter how daunting the task.
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