Communities Turn To Website To Fix Problems

This is from A Hartford Courant Story in today's paper.

...Whenever a ticket is formed in that watch area, everyone on the e-mail list gets notified. That's how New Haven Police Chief James Lewis first heard about SeeClickFix.

He was receiving e-mails about watch areas at all times of the day and night, prompting him to call the SeeClickFix team to give a demonstration to the lieutenants of the city's 10 policing districts. Now, they're all using SeeClickFix, which helped in the recent heroin bust, Lewis said.

"I think this is true community policing. The community is talking directly to us. When we do respond, we send them feedback with what we've done," Lewis said.

He called it a cost-effective tool because it helps city departments and residents and is free.

"I think it's the tool of the future," Lewis said.

New Haven Mayor John DeStefano also is praising SeeClickFix.

"SeeClickFix has turned out to be a powerful, citizen-driven tool to help get neighborhood problems seen and fixed. We got introduced to it almost a year ago and decided from the outset to make sure our agency directors routinely scanned the SeeClickFix site," DeStefano said. "What I like best about it is it's a vibrant sign of neighborhoods taking ownership."