To Our SideClicks:

We sent this email out to our SideClicks today:
If you want to compete, feel free to follow the simple rules below.

SeeClickFix has grown a lot in the last few months and we thought we'd have another SideClick of the month contest.

Here's the Game Plan:

1) You create a watch area claiming your turf. (private or's up to you)

2) You email us and let us know you have created the watch area.

3) You and your community report lots of Clickets in your hood before July 1.

4) The SideClick with the most Clickets in their watch area is announced as SideClick of the month on our blog, twitter and any place else that people listen to us.
We will also announce any additional information about your group that you would like us to publicize.

BONUS PRIZES: -Best Photo on a Clicket, -Best Video on a Clicket

Chris in Bozeman, MT holds the current belt... go out there and Click it away from him if you can.

P.S. there are now about 100 of you and you have grown to be an International community so you'll have to have your game face on.