Connecting with DC 311 Automatically via API

New features here at SeeClickFix and interesting demo site for you to play with.

The City of DC has published an open method for reporting non-emergency 311 issues directly into DC's citizen request system. And now, SeeClickFix connects with their systems directly. As part of DC's Apps For Democracy contest, we've submitted a demo version of the website at (Detailed write-up in PDF.]
When web visitors use the specialized DC subdomain of the SeeClickFix website, they have the option to report issues directly into the DC 311 system. The system automatically pulls the categories of issues from the DC API. If the user picks a category supported by DC311, the user is presented with the additional required questions. The system also uses DC's GIS to guide the user in selecting a known address. And issues reported to DC via other methods besides SeeClickFix are also displayed on

Remember, this is a demo site and not live until DC takes their system integration live on their side.

We have been working in this area for a while without a partner city who was ready to implement a programmatic API. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with DC. And we look forward to working with other cities.