How the Dallas morning news is SeeClickFixing

Jennifer Okamoto at the Dallas Morning News took the time to reach out to public officials in their area and create watch areas for 16 local Department Of Public works officials and 311 call centers.

Now the Dallas Morning News is getting citizens to report non-emergency issues in their community publicly using the following publicity efforts mentioned by Okamoto:

"*There are promos in the paper pretty regularly on pages 2A and 2B.

*We have blogs from each community where we mention the tool from time to time, first announcing it, then reporting the more interesting tickets.
Here's an example:
And another:

There are also standing links to see click fix from these blogs as well as from our community landing pages (Ex: and

*New tickets show up in our community news feeds for each community

*We have a teaser to it on our home page as one of our rotating promos

*We've created a shortcut for the tool:

And we're about to launch a marketing program for all of our community news coverage that will mention it."

Great Work Jennifer!