Happy Customers in Somerville, MA

Barry Rafkind posts at http://fwix.com/share/5_524822da87

"The SeeClickFix tool on the Globe's local Somerville website allows anyone to report and track 311 service requests on a map of the city. You can even include a photo of the problem. All reported requests are visible to everyone, so it's easy to view what others have submitted and add your support to those that you care about.

Your request goes directly to Somerville's 311 system, so you will receive email updates from 311 service reps through the tool if you submit a ticket on the map. Most of the requests are for pothole repairs that are approx 6 months old and still unresolved!

Check out my request to fix the loose wire tied to the Hodgkins Park fence along Simpson Ave (with photo). So far, the service rep has contacted the Fire Dept. and Verizon on my behalf and has promised quick resolution.

What do you think?"