Where we Live Interview and a Thank You to Paul Bass

Here's the audio from the show:

As a first time on a live radio show we have to say we had a lot fun. I got to sit in Faith Middleton's chair and Jeff and Kam got to heckle my while I gabbed. I let Kam get some words in as well. Libby, the Producer in the New Haven office did some dance moves when the intro music came on for the show and we were off and running.

It was great to hear from Bruce Glasscock, city manager in Plano Texas, and Rosetta Carrington, Director of Philadelphia's ,system talk about their positive experiences with SeeClickFix as a resource for connecting with their citizens. Philadelphia and Plano have both been very responsive to their citizens vie the tool. Plano uses twitter for reverse 911 in case of disaster which is very cool as well.

Not surprisingly, Paul Bass of the New Haven Independent stole the show with talk of hyper-local citizen created journalism. Paul pointed out that though Governments have almost no choice but to participate with tools like SeeClickFix, Governments use of the tool has restored his faith in them locally. The New Haven Independent was the first place where I found and gained confidence in my voice in the public space and it encouraged us to extend that mission of engaging citizens through web technologies. Thanks Paul.