Transportation gets Clicked and Fixed? – New Haven Gets a new bus route to Boston

It may not be the bolt bus and it may not be service from New Haven to New York. It doesn't even have wireless or is necessarily as cheap or as comfortable but one thing is for sure: click and someone listening might fix.

The Bolt Bus issue on SeeClickfix was opened a few months ago in New Haven requesting service to New York. Immediately in the comments of the issue many argued that a New Haven to Boston Route was much more needed. Others argued that it did not have to be Bolt Bus.

The City and City Council both got behind the effort and pushed for a bus route as well.

Enter Transit Azumah
(The Fix?) Azumah is a small private operator who heard the call of the the hundreds of SeeClickFixers asking for a bus route. He will be starting a new bus route in November just on weekends from New Haven to New York. It may not have been the fix that the original clicker wanted (full disclosure: it was me) but it was the fix that the community wanted.

I'll stay optimistic that Azumah will make the upgrades that make Bolt Bus attractive and hope that he has success with his pilot and expands to weekdays and routes South. issue 7425 will stay open until the original need is served or proven unnecessary

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