New COMPACT SeeClickFix Text Widget – Cute enough to fit on your homepage. Still strong enough to fix a pothole!

AS requested by our Media Partners we have released a text equivalent and partner to the SeeClickFix map widget. Today that widget is live and free to generate at

The text widget condenses down to 200px wide so it fits nicely on a homepage in a sidebar. Don't worry, despite its small size this little guy is still tremendously efficient at getting things fixed and generating and displaying interesting local community concerns.

The text widget also works well with its big sister the map widget and can be linked to that page already embedded in your site.

Now when users report issues on SeeClickFix in an area or in your widget they can be displayed easily on the front page of your news site. Users can vote right from the text widget with their email to support the issue or report an issue right from the text widget.

Both widgets can be downloaded from

If you want an ad-free text widget please contact us: about our rev. share agreement.