While Captain Jack Patrols the streets those with less time have SeeClickFix.

A tool for everyone else.

Every neighborhood has them. The guys and gals that are willing to walk the street at night and keep an eye on things. The people that have the the time to show up to community meetings.

For all of those people who care about their neighborhood but don't have the time to get beyond their computer screen...SeeClickFix.

This Week Dawn Richards is starting to get the Pompano Beach Association started on SeeClickFix. The first issue reported in her neighborhood as already received a response from Florida DOT.

Here's the message that Dawn sent out to her community group about this new tool for those in her hood who want to help out but don't have much time:

Greetings all,

About a month ago, the Sun-Sentinel published a column about all the ways that we can harness the power of social media to make a difference in our communities. I checked out one of the sites, called "SeeClickFix.com."

It's pretty interesting. I've set up a "Watch Area" for the East Pompano Civic Association here. I—d love for you to take a quick look and let me know your thoughts.

This way, while Captain Jack and his intrepid band of crimefighters patrol our streets, those of us with young children (and other pressing obligations J) can now remain fixed in front of our screens, but instead of wasting hours on Facebook we can be making a difference – without moving a muscle except to enter text!

Take care,


Dawne Richards

East Pompano Civic Association