Google Search Rank + SeeClickFix = Accountability?

SeeClickFix is commonly thought of as a tool to hold Government accountable. We have always thought of SeeClickFix as a tool to hold anyone responsible for the public space accountable. That includes Gov, Citizen organizations and businesses.

Since launched their campaign to stop idling in Philadelphia we have seen a number of private enterprises held to the fire over their vehicles leaving engines running while parked.

If SeeClickFix isn't enough to raise the profile of the citizen concern over vehicle idling maybe Google can help:

I noticed in our Analytics today that a number of hits were coming in for a particular trucking company through a search for their business name on Google. Sure enough when you search for their company name and the word Philadelphia is on the front page.

The issue appears to still be open and communication with the co. has been difficult according to citizens. Maybe Search Engine DisOptimization is an added benefit of posting on SeeClickFix...I guess we'll find out...

To Be Continued