SeeClickFix Launches 83 Languages into beta

Citizens will soon be able to report non-emergency issues in 83 languages anywhere in the world using SeeClickFix on their PC or mobile phone.

We should give a special thanks to Portnoy in Mongolia, Vladamir in Russia, David in France, Ahmed in Kuwait and Mariano in Argentina for pressuring us to push translation at the front of our priority list and google chatting us at weird hours of the evening with "are we there yets?"

As a translator you'll be able to use google translate to suggest translations. You'll also be able to preview your translation in context before saving. SeeClickFix already tracks civic participation using the civic points scoring system. Shortly we plan on granting international SeeClickFix users the right to translate based on earned civic points.

Key SeeClickFix Translation features:
- Break down language barriers by allowing citizens to view other user's content in which ever language they feel most comfortable.
- Support multilingual citizens with a translated interface of their own particular languages.
- Enable media organizations everywhere, in any language, to engage their audience with the power of SeeClickFix.

We are excited about the prospects but there is still more to do and we can use your help. We are looking for:

- Translators - Are you someone that speaks English as a second language? Would you like to help us launch SeeClickFix in another language? If you are interested please contact us at

- Media Partners - Do you have a site where you would like to embed a SeeClickFix widget? Do you serve two different language groups and would like to enable engagement between them? Would you like to see the openness and transparency SeeClickFix fosters in your region? Contact us at

- Advocates - Do you know the email address of a public official or a government department? You can create a watch area for them right now (

- Developers - Are you interested in building an open source application on top of our API? Please contact us at

Jeff Blasius, SeeClickFix CTO, will be at PDF Spain this weekend as a Google Fellow and you should reach out to him if you are interested in helping to translate, are a government official or a media property looking to get involved.

Power to the Community

(*The Screenshot above is from the work of the first translator to use SeeClickFix translation engine. Thanks Portnoy!)