4 Street Lights with one Click

Again I'm excited by an unexpected outcome from an unconventional use of SeeClickFix today.

Two nights ago I reported a street light out on a bridge in New Haven with the SCF iPhone app.

A neighbor then voted that they wanted the light fixed too.

Next Sebouh, from the City's Engineering Department, commented that he would go out and check the light out.

Then something we might otherwise discourage happened: someone else reported 3 more street lights out on a street nearby on my issue.

I typically encourage that each issue be reported as a separate issue so they are easy to track, but in this case it made sense to ping Sebouh to make sure he did not miss the issues nearby while he was going to fix it. Sebouh was able to go once to check four lights as opposed to one.

The simple unexpected outcomes of transparency and open communication are found everywhere on SeeClickFix. I'm going to try and start exposing them on the blog more as I find them.

If you have a Fix, please share it with us and we'd love to post it here.

Here's the issue: http://seeclickfix.com/issues/10061
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