Events, Presentations and Radio Conversations in the coming months.

A bunch of really cool orgs and people have been kind enough to ask us to present or speak on the air with them in the coming weeks.

Here's whats on the agenda:

I'm on air with Carol Coletta on Smart City Radio. This was pre-recorded and I believe is now available to listen to: Carol asks the tough questions. Hopefully I did my part 🙂

I'm excited to hear the other part of the show with Flint Mayor Walling. While Flint is a City to watch. Mr Walling is definitely a young Mayor to watch.


On Wednesday December 3 at 12:00 EST I am speaking to a group of Citizens in Chattanooga via SKYPE ala STAND. I believe this will be broadcast live as well. Details to follow. STAND just completed the most inclusive visioning survey in the world. I'll be chatting about civic and community engagement. I january they release the results of their nearly 30,000 person survey. Exciting stuff!
Here's a link:

On December 6th at 9pm EST I'm on air live with Adriel Hampton of Gov2.0 Radio. Please go easy on me Adriel, I'm new to this live radio thing.


On March 9 I'm headed to Miami for the Wemedia Conference as a guest of the Conference of which we took home first place last year. We still see connections from wemedia 09 all over the country including Carol Coletta in Grand Rapids and George Brock in New York and who would have guessed, New Haven. Of course looking forward to seeing Jacob from as well. Those guys have really taken off and it will be fun to catch up in the sun!