America's got Potholes

What do you do once you've built an iPhone app to report potholes?

You release a feature that makes it as easy to vote to fix a pothole as it is to nominate Clay for American Idol.

Sure texting isn't as sexy as an app and it won't win the hearts of Silicon Valley, but damn its easy and anyone with a cell phone can do it.

You can now text your vote to fix a pothole or other SeeClickFix issue by texting issue x to 41411.

How do you let your neighbors know what the issue number is if they're not by their computer? There's a feature for that as well: When you go to your issue, you will now see a button in the issue navigation that says Print Flier. This button auto generates an east-to-print pdf with a photo of your issue and instructions on how to vote for that issue by web or by text.

I hope people start using this feature as it will encourage people to get out in the real world and connect with their neighbors to get issues resolved in their communities.

To put the feature to the test I recently went out in New Haven and flyered lamp posts with the flier below.

If you think that these guys should get the lights turned on for these residents you can text issue 10143 to 41411. You don't have to live here to know that 40 Street Lights out in one 6 block neighborhood is bad and you'll get to test out the feature.

You can view the issue here after your vote:

P.S. Please used recycled paper for your fliers and make sure to take them down when the issue is fixed.