Chattanooga is lookin' good

A Chattanooga, TN, hyperlocal news website,, has recently added SeeClickFix to their neighborhood blogs.

Editor, John Hawbaker sees the SeeClickFix tool as an extension of the goal of his websites: to engage Chattanooga citizens with the community around them.

In St. Elmo, a neighborhood around Chattanooga, Hawbaker reported on about local people creating homemade signs encouraging drivers to slow down.

There's no doubt that SeeClickFix will become a vital tool for the already engaged citizens of Chattanooga while also offering additional support to help connect citizens to government.

STAND, a community visioning effort led by residents across the Chattanooga region helped to bring awareness of SeeClickFix to the area.

Their active role in introducing us to the Chattanooga community has led to sites like embracing SeeClickFix and overall civic engagement with the tool.

And lastly, Liz Henley, Chattanooga 311 Call Center Coordinator, has been working tirelessly to address the concerns of citizens in her city.

Ms. Henley swiftly managed a blighted property concern in Chattanooga.

She was able to conduct a dialogue with a concerned citizen while also facilitating the process of figuring out when the blighted property would be demolished. The original thought was that the property would be evaluated in February 2010, but a concerned citizen noted that the danger of the property far outweighed the benefit of keeping it. Just a handful of days later, the issue was closed with this joyous remark from the initial citizen reporter: "Demolished! Thank you very, very much!"

Our thanks to Ms. Henley and the citizen reporter and a huge thanks to STAND and for spreading the word about how SeeClickFix is a great tool for the big picture of civic engagement.