CNN: Public service for the digital age

Craig Newmark, one of the Godfathers of social networking technologies (also known as the founder of used SeeClickFix to report an issue in his hometown of San Francisco.

Using the SeeClickFix mobile web application he reported his issue regarding excessive heat on a public train, and within a week received notification from the city of San Francisco that they were working on the problem. reported about Newmark using the SeeClickFix tool and noted that the technology, GOV 2.0, is a huge part of a new era where public service is no longer a laundry list of to-dos but an interactive world where citizens have more control over what gets done because they are a part of the solution.

As we bid farewell to a decade of all types of new technological advances, it's nice to know that SeeClickFix is coming out as a leader of a better tomorrow.

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