SideClicks Wanted

SeeClickFix works because its users work too.

Recently, a number of people including city officials, bloggers, good citizens, and community leaders have signed up to do their part as SideClicks.

So what does it mean to be a SideClick?

Well if you're thinking that we want people in cities across America to scream from the rooftops, "SeeClickFix Rules and you should use it," you're right, but that's not all our SideClicks are doing.

Dena Oneal from Murfreesboro, TN learned about SeeClickFix from our recent write-up on She reached out and inquired about becoming a SideClick.

"I have always been active in my communities both personally and professionally," she wrote. "I believe in working with our local government to solve problems."

We do too!

"People" she continued, "shouldn't complain if they aren't willing to pitch in and help make a difference, no matter how small."

A special thanks to Ms. Oneal for her willingness to become a SideClick.

There are about 150 people that have signed up to be SideClicks. Many have offered great suggestions that we have integrated into the tool. Examples include Mark Abraham in New Haven who offered Alice Attertongue as the second Civic Points rank. (Its a Ben Franklin reference) Sid Burgess in Oklahoma who gave us the idea for "SeePrint" where users can print out fliers of their issue and Ted Mann who made the awesome how to videos you see at

To get started visit our Get Involved page.

Once you vow to be a SideClick there's a lot you can do. Here are some suggestions:

Sign up public officials by creating watch areas for them

Tell friends about SeeClickFix

Tell media about the tool and about issues that might make a good news story

Whip out your cell phone in large crowds and demonstrate how easy it is to report issues via mobile web application

... and of course, scream about SeeClickFix from the rooftops... duh!