SeeClickFix Pro and the New York Times

As many of you know, the New York Times did a great write-up about SeeClickFix. The story ran in the business section on Monday, January 4 and made the most emailed list that day! You can read the story here.

But unlike some news stories that have focused on our tools or the creation of the technology or the importance for bridging gaps between community members and government agencies, "News Sites Dabble With a Web Tool for Nudging Local Officials," by Daniel E. Slotnik, looks at how SeeClickFix is influencing news websites and the future of media in general.

Doug Hardy, Associate Editor at the Journal Inquirer, who has held a Pro Account with SeeClickFix, said, in the article, "The writing is on the wall." Mr. Hardy continued, "If we can't remain competitive, you know, we're not going to be around."

And not only does Mr. Hardy understand how useful SeeClickFix can be for helping editors and journalist source stories, he also knows that it's a great tool to help his newspaper and the industry as a whole, move forward with technology and not against.

He continued in the article, "So if local papers are looking for a way to add their brand to the conversations people are having, this is it."

One way to add a brand to the live conversations happening right now in cities across the country on SeeClickFix, is to sign up for a Pro Account. Users can do so by emailing or checking out the details page here.

A Pro Account, as it's done for Mr. hardy, allows users to add an image to their profile, which in most cases is a brand if you are a business or personal photo if you are, say, a public official.

Joining conversations like Mr. Hardy has is one way that SeeClickFix offers new perspective for media outlets.

Ben Berkowitz and Doug Hardy, pictured above in New York Times, Jan. 4, 2010 (photo by George Ruhe, NYT)