From Bulgaria With Love

Our newest SideClick wrote from Bulgaria to tell us:

"We are living in tough times in our town. The city is growing very fast and the government services have a lot of problems. A service like SeeClickFix can be very useful for us to attract some attention on many annoying problems which are disturbing our quality of life.

I know that your services are not going to work for Bulgaria but we are group of people who are ready to send official paper complains and reports about the problems to the authorities."

Did you catch that? First of all, we believe that SeeClickFix can and does work in Bulgaria. And if you want to help translate the site into Bulgarian, please let us know. The software supports Bulgarian.

Second of all, he is prepared to send paper-based reports to the government. That's dedication to civic engagement. With all our focus on smart phones, website and phone calls, it's great to see that whenever citizens are motivated there can be civic engagement.

So, all the rest of you have no excuse not to whip out your smart phone and See, Click, Fix. Let's do it!

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