From Bulgaria With Love II

Our Side Click from Bulgaria recently wrote:

"We are living in tough times in our town. The city is growing very fast and the government services have a lot of problems. A service like SeeClickFix can be very useful for us to attract some attention on many annoying problems which are disturbing our quality of life."

A call to arms was issued to get translators working to make SeeClickFix more useful for concerned Bulgarian citizens.

Our Side Click found at least five volunteer translators and has 133 Facebook members of his own group.

A couple issues were reported and the city already responded like on this one:

Goran Angelov, our Side Click, is helping to teach others how to use the tool by commenting on issues and responding to other people's comments; a great method to get SeeClickFix working in the community.

If you'd like to become a Side Click, please visit our page "Get Involved"

From there, we can help you to utilize the tools to help others just like Goran Angelov has done in Bulgaria, where he first believed that issues might not get any response from government officials.

In fact, he's helping to change his community one issue at a time and proving that a little positive communication goes a long way.

Thanks to Goran Angelov and all our Side Clicks.