City of Manor 2.0

On Thursday, the city of Manor, Texas, just outside of Austin, announced that the city would be launching SeeClickFix to crowdsource their service orders. See the full announcement here.

We've been accustomed to city governments embracing the tool, but never before have we had a city be so progressive with their deployment of its use.

"Know worldwide for its innovative uses of technology," says the city's website, Manor, has not only promised to incorporate SeeClickFix, but has created a separate tab on their website for people to report to SeeClickFix.

Much in the way UPS uses a whiteboard to mesmerize people in their commercials , Manor has created a video with a whiteboard diagram to explain to residents how SeeClickFix works (see below).

The video points out that SeeClickFix doesn't bypass anyone, be it an authority figure or a resident, but rather helps to dole out responsibility more efficiently.

In their press release on Thursday, Mike Tuley, Manor's Public Works Director, stated, "I'm excited that the citizens will have a useful tool for a faster response to utility and street issues using SeeClickFix."

In the future, they intend to evaluate how SeeClickFix can work for code enforcement and building inspections.

Today Manor has a clean and informative website, which showcases this progressive city but you might also remember Manor from the early '90s when it was the filming set for What's Eating Gilbert Grape. But, sorry to tell you, the water tower that the young Leonardo De Caprio (Arnie) climbed during the movie, is no longer in use, but is still there as a landmark.