Expanding the Issue

The Tennessean.com recently launched SeeClickFix as a reporting tool on their website. But plugging in code for the widget is not all they did.

Recently, their Action Line Columnist, Jenny Upchurch found an issue a reader posted regarding traffic signal timing and expanded the story on their website to show readers how SeeClickFix is working.

It turns out that the Public Works Department indeed had to fix a problem with the signal lights at a cluttered intersection and hopefully their efforts will help traffic to move more smoothly in the near future.

Upchurch included some suggestions for fixing the signal from another reader who frequents the troubled intersection and then brought the issue and suggestions up with the Public Works Department who had a response for Upchurch.

A big thank you goes out to the Tennessean for taking the SeeClickFix tools one step further and becoming part of the solution.

See the whole story here.