Tucson Gets its Groove

Tuscon, AZ has signed up for the SeeClickFix Plus App along with New Haven, CT and Manor, TX.

The beautifully designed Tucson Sentinel recently ran article for its readers explaining why the city has switched from their previously awkward city service system to SeeClickFix.

In the article, Andrew Greenhill, chief of staff for Mayor Bob Walkup of Tucson said, "This system will let us solve problems and save money."

He added of the switch from their old reporting system to SeeClickFix, "Better quality data will allow us to fix more potholes, more quickly."

Tucson has realized that SeeClickFix not only makes delegation of work orders flow more smoothly, it also frees up time and resources so that more problems can be fixed.

"We'll be able to move money from running the (current) system to filling potholes," said Greenhill.

And for all the hopes that SeeClickFix has had since its inception, this summation by Greenhill not only reaffirms the genesis of the company but far exceeds every goal.

And with that in mind, SeeClickFix is both honored and enthusiastic about the future of Government 2.0 and its implementation in cities like Tucson.