Take the SeeClickFix Challenge

Today kicks off the SeeClickFix Challenge on the SmarterCities blog, "a collaborative intelligence project for building a planet of smarter cities."

For the next two weeks, SmarterCities is asking everyone in the SeeClickFix community to post their experiences using the site. Success stories, suggestions, frustrations, or points of clarification--the idea is to create a forum for our users to strenghthen networks within SCF communities and generate dialogue about the future needs of our users.

New Haven Independent Editor Paul Bass has already contributed. As has Dustin Haisler from the City of Manor, Texas, and two fixers in Germany!

Quick steps on how to submit:

  1. Visit the submissions page of the SmarterCities Tumblr Site.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom
  3. Post your SCF stories in the box that says "Post"

We look forward to reading your stories soon. The SCF Challenge ends February 21.